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OrganizationSportDivisionSchedule NameState DateEnd DateStandingsBracket
Apponaug Girls SoftballSoftballFP Girls 14UDiamond Duel08/03/1808/05/18StandingsView Bracket
Apponaug Girls SoftballSoftballFP Girls 12UDiamond Duel08/03/1808/05/18StandingsView Bracket
CLCF Gals SoftballSoftballFP Girls 18UCLCF Bombers Summer Slam08/03/1808/05/18StandingsView Bracket
Cranston National BudlongSoftballFP Girls 16UCNBLL 2018 Spring CNB FP Girls 16U04/01/1811/01/18Standings
Cranston National BudlongSoftballFP Girls 14U RecCNBLL 2018 Spring CNB FP Girls 14U Rec04/01/1811/01/18Standings
Cranston National BudlongSoftballFP Girls 12U RecCNBLL 2018 Spring CNB FP Girls 12U Rec04/01/1811/01/18Standings
Cranston RavensSoftballFP Girls 18UCranston Ravens Invitational08/17/1808/19/18StandingsView Bracket
Darlington Girls SoftballSoftballFP Girls 12UFull of Fury 2.008/10/1808/12/18StandingsView Bracket
New England ImpactSoftballFP Women 18+NE Impact Summer Sizzler 18P08/10/1808/12/18StandingsView Bracket
New England ImpactSoftballFP Girls 18UNE Impact Summer Sizzler 18U08/10/1808/12/18StandingsView Bracket
Ocean State WavesSoftballFP Girls 12U12u Waves Summer Slam08/03/1808/05/18StandingsView Bracket
Ocean State WavesSoftballFP Girls 10U10u Waves Summer Slam08/03/1808/05/18StandingsView Bracket
RI AftershockSoftballFP Girls 18URockem Shockem 18U08/03/1808/05/18StandingsView Bracket
RI AftershockSoftballFP Girls 16URockem Shockem 16U08/03/1808/05/18StandingsView Bracket
RI Bomber's EliteSoftballFP Girls 16UBombers Elite Softball08/18/1808/19/18StandingsView Bracket
RI Bomber's EliteSoftballFP Girls 14UBombers Elite Softball08/18/1808/19/18StandingsView Bracket
South County Sea DevilsSoftballFP Girls 16USouth County Sea Devil Vortex 16u08/10/1808/12/18StandingsView Bracket
South County Sea DevilsSoftballFP Girls 14USouth County Sea Devil Vortex 14u08/10/1808/12/18StandingsView Bracket
USA Softball of Rhode IslandSoftballCP Girls 8UUSA Softball of RI Coach Pitch State Championship Tournament08/02/1808/05/18StandingsView Bracket
West Warwick Girls SoftballSoftballFP Girls 10UWeekend Warrior08/03/1808/05/18StandingsView Bracket
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