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Tournament/League Information
Host Organization:  USA Softball of Rhode Island
Tournament/League Name:  USA Softball of Rhode Island 18U Open State Tournament
Division:  FP Girls 18U
Pool:    Team:    Complex:    Date: 
GameTeam 1Team 2LocationDateTime 
 Coventry CrushRI RampagePhillips Hill 1 6:00 PMDetails
 WavesBombers EliteWhipple Field 2 7:30 PMDetails
 StormRavensWhipple Field 2Mon Jul 2, 20185:45 PMDetails
 Bombers ElitePride BlackBelmont 1Mon Jul 2, 20186:00 PMDetails
 Pride EliteImpact (Diaz)Winslow 1Mon Jul 2, 20186:00 PMDetails
 WavesRI AftershockWinslow 4Mon Jul 2, 20186:00 PMDetails
 StormFP NationWhipple Field 2Mon Jul 2, 20187:30 PMDetails
 NE ImpactStormWhipple Field 2Tue Jul 3, 20185:45 PMDetails
 Impact (Diaz)RI RampageBelmont 1Tue Jul 3, 20186:00 PMDetails
 WavesPride BlackWinslow 1Tue Jul 3, 20186:00 PMDetails
 Pride EliteCoventry CrushWinslow 2Tue Jul 3, 20186:00 PMDetails
 NE ImpactRavensWhipple Field 2Tue Jul 3, 20187:30 PMDetails
 Bombers EliteRI AftershockBelmont 1Thu Jul 5, 20186:00 PMDetails
 Coventry CrushImpact (Diaz)Winslow 1Thu Jul 5, 20186:00 PMDetails
 RI RampagePride EliteWinslow 2Thu Jul 5, 20186:00 PMDetails
 RavensFP NationWhipple Field 2Thu Jul 5, 20187:30 PMDetails
 Pride BlackRI AftershockWhipple Field 2Mon Jul 9, 20185:45 PMDetails
W1WavesPride BlackWhipple Field 2Tue Jul 10, 20185:45 PMDetails
W2Coventry CrushImpact (Diaz)Whipple Field 3Tue Jul 10, 20185:45 PMDetails
W3Bombers ElitePride EliteWhipple Field 4Tue Jul 10, 20185:45 PMDetails
W5RI AftershockPride BlackWhipple Field 2Tue Jul 10, 20187:30 PMDetails
W6Coventry CrushFP NationWhipple Field 3Tue Jul 10, 20187:30 PMDetails
W4RavensRI RampageWhipple Field 4Tue Jul 10, 20187:30 PMDetails
W7RI AftershockPride EliteWhipple Field 2Wed Jul 11, 20185:45 PMDetails
W8RavensFP NationWhipple Field 3Wed Jul 11, 20185:45 PMDetails
W9RI AftershockFP NationWhipple Field 2Wed Jul 11, 20187:45 PMDetails
Total Number of Games Shown: 26
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